12+ Nutri Ninja Breakfast And Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

It can be difficult to stay healthy when you're on the go. Ninja breakfast smoothies are a great way to add vital nutrients to your body first thing in the morning.

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Our favorite thing about breakfast smoothie recipes? The variety of options you have is immense and this list of our favorite ninja breakfast smoothie recipes shows it! This should really let you change things up!

We suggest putting different ingredients in your blender each morning to ensure you don’t get bored and don’t be afraid to fill your nutri ninja blender with tons of fruits and vegetables so that you stay full until lunchtime.

Your Nutri Ninja Breakfast Smoothie Sidekick

The Nutri Ninja is a great tool to start with when switching to a healthier breakfast routine. This single-serving blender is an easy, manageable size with the power of a normal blender.

Here’s a list of some tried and true Nutri Ninja breakfast recipes and breakfast smoothie recipes. But, of course, don’t be afraid to whip up your own concoctions!

1 Kale Me Up, Scotty

This simple, easy-to-prepare smoothie has a light sweetness from the grapes and apple. It makes for a refreshing start to the day. Most importantly, it is incredibly detoxifying!

2 Choco-Covered Strawberries … For Breakfast?

If you crave sweet, decadence first thing in the morning, this smoothie was made for you! Strawberries and cacao are a delicious pair that successfully hides the super nutritious beets and spinach.

3 You’re Welcome: The Ultimate Hangover Cure

Loaded with ALL the superfoods, this smoothie is sure to help recharge you after a night of too much fun. It features coconut water, a hangover cure master due to its natural antioxidants and electrolytes. We also love that ginger sneaks its way into this smoothie because it helps combat nausea which is a must during an especially rough hangover day.

4 Tropical Daydream with Papaya & Ginger

Even though you’re on the way to work, sitting in traffic, you can still FEEL like you’re on a tropical vacation because – why not? This drink is refreshing, anti-inflammatory and loaded with vitamins.

5 The Classic: Strawberry & Banana

Why mess with a classic? This simple recipe calls for just a few ingredients: strawberries, banana, and milk (feel free to add some agave for extra sweetness, but we think this baby is plenty sweet on its own!)

6 The Dynamic Duo: Coffee Plus Superfoods

Why not combine your two morning necessities together? Enter: The Coffee Superfood Smoothie! Add flax, bananas, and cinnamon, and coconut milk to your morning boost to get some lovely nutrients in your body.

7 A Little Healthier Than Mom’s Apple Pie

Nothing quite like tasting or smelling something that reminds you of home. This surprisingly healthy smoothie does both. Think brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and apples – the most heavenly combination on earth!

8 The Creamiest Award Goes To: Blueberry Avocado

This smoothie is a heart health booster. It has blueberries, a strong antioxidant and avocado, a cholesterol lowering queen.

Also, check out this smoothie’s gorgeous color!

9 Protein Powerhouse (P.S This Smoothie Contains Tofu!)

You heard us right; this protein contains tofu! The protein doesn’t stop there either. This delicious drink also features protein-packed peanut butter and yogurt. This is the perfect breakfast to chug after a tough workout as it’ll help heal your muscles and keep you from stumbling, sore and stiff, the next day.

10 The Skinny Mini Honeyloupe

Featuring not one, not two but three melons, the Honeyloupe smoothie is super refreshing and hydrating. We love this one because melons are naturally low calorie and filled with essential vitamins.

11 The New Kid on the Block: The Matcha Smoothie

Matcha is all the rage these days and for good reason. It is packed with antioxidants and provides a nice, steady energy boost. Does coffee give you the jitters? Maybe it’s time to try matcha! This recipe is a great way to introduce matcha and other green veggies into your diet. Plus, this smoothie sure is a beaut!

12 Berry Delicious Start to The Day

This smoothie has berries galore making it super nutrient-dense while still tasty. We

Pro Tip: Turn this smoothie into a smoothie bowl by pouring it into a bowl and adding yummy toppings like goji berries, chia seeds, granola, and nut butter!

We hope these delicious AND nutritious smoothies offer some inspiration for your breakfast meal. They are sure to keep you full and satisfied come lunch without the sugar crash of other sugar-dense breakfast foods (we’re lookin’ at you, PopTarts!)

Be sure to let us know which smoothies you enjoy most. Don’t forget to take some time to create your own smoothie recipes in your blender; you really can’t mess it up.

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